Honey Glazed Spice Cake

beehive cakeIt’s Spring and this honey glazed spice cake is just the ticket.  I made it for Mother’s Day in a beehive cake mold.  It looks fantastic.  It is a great cake to make when you are going to have 10 or more people.  It is a big delicious spice cake that is flavored with honey and glazed with honey.  It is moist and delicious. Continue reading

Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

stuffed chocolate chip cookies and milk

stuffed chocolate chip cookies and milk

I call these chocolate chip cookies, “Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies” because they are filled with all kinds of goodies. Today I made them with rolled oats, black walnuts, and chocolate chips.  I had planned on adding unsweetened coconut to them but at the last minute that did not work out. Continue reading

Turkey Cutlets and Black Beans

turkey cutlets, black beans

Turkey cutlets with black bean and orange sauce

I like to try different foods and I am always looking for something that is quick and delicious to make for dinner.  I tried this great recipe from Fine Cooking, Turkey Cutlets with Black Beans.  I of course made it once and then made a few changes.  This is delicious and has a light orange sauce with a little spice .  So good and everything is prepared and cooked in about 20 minutes to a half hour. Continue reading

Orange Glazed butter cookies

butter cookies, orange glaze

Orange Glazed Butter Cookies

As we approach spring, and as much as I love spring,  I start to get a little panicky that my baking season will slow with the onset of summer.  So you will see me putting up more baking posts in the next few weeks.  I love to bake Cookies.  This Sunday I baked these wonderful orange glazed  butter cookies.  They are not only delicious but so pretty and easy to make.  Check this out. Continue reading

Mom’s Birthday dinner

Mom's Birthday

Mom’s Birthday

For those of you who know me, my Mom, Eleanor, just turned 89 yesterday.  We had a nice day and evening with family.  These are some photos and recipes from Mom’s Birthday Dinner.  Enjoy!  We have a great little family that comes together.  I made two of Mom’s favorites for dinner.  That would be roast lamb and risotto with peas. Continue reading