The Easiest Biscuits Ever!


sour cream biscuits

I love biscuits. I am always looking  for new recipes to try.  This recipe that I will give you are the easiest biscuits ever!  There are 3 main ingredients, you basically measure, and stir together and drop them onto a baking sheet.  These biscuits are soft and tender and buttery and I think they are actually less calories than other biscuits that I have tried.  Continue reading

My Best Chocolate Layer Cake

Chocolate Layer Cake with Creamy Chocolate Frosting

Chocolate Layer Cake with Creamy Chocolate Frosting

I love Chocolate Cake!  I make a number of different kinds of chocolate cake.  But when I am wishing for a moist chocolate layer cake with a soft and creamy, chocolate frosting this is my go to Chocolate Cake! This cake is the bomb!  It is perfect to make to satisfy a craving, or for a birthday or any occasion.  This year I made it for my husband for Father’s Day. Continue reading

Honey Glazed Spice Cake

beehive cakeIt’s Spring and this honey glazed spice cake is just the ticket.  I made it for Mother’s Day in a beehive cake mold.  It looks fantastic.  It is a great cake to make when you are going to have 10 or more people.  It is a big delicious spice cake that is flavored with honey and glazed with honey.  It is moist and delicious. Continue reading